The Siding Spring Southern Seyfert Spectroscopic Snapshot Survey

Data Release 1a: Flux Components(Mar 2016)

Based on Public Data Release 1a data cubes (below), this data release contains the line fluxes extracted as multi-component fits files with extensions.

Each LZIFU fits file contains 45 extensions.  These extensions contain information about the line fits as well as the resulting emission-line fluxes.

The most relevant extensions are those named for an emission line, e.g. "HALPHA" and "HALPHA_ERR".  The data for each of these extensions is a 25×38×4 cube.  The 0th 25×38 slice contains the total flux for the emission line in each of the 25×38 WiFeS spaxels.  The 1st(2nd(3rd)) 25×38 slice contains the emission line fluxes for the 1st(2nd(3rd)) kinematic component.

For Seyfert 1 galaxies only the total flux is reported for Halpha and Hbeta for the spaxels with a Sy1 broad component.

In post-processing after the fitting, the distribution of total flux between the Hbeta kinematic components was modified to match the ratios measured for Halpha.  This ensures a consistent Balmer decrement for each component.

The fluxes for "NII6548" were constrained to be one third of the fluxes for "NII6583".

Data Release 1a: Data Cubes (Apr 2015)

Here are the data cubes (two spatial dimensions on the sky, one wavelength dimension), for both the blue and red arms of WiFeS. We recommend using QFitsView to view the data cubes. (

Public Data Release 1a Data Cubes:

Data Release 1 (Jan 2015)

Public Data Release 1 Nuclear Spectra 4 arcsec aperture extraction: (11.7MB)