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An astrophysical plasma modelling code.

The MAPPINGS V Code Archive

Science and Programming:
Ralph Sutherland, Mike Dopita, David Nicholls, Brent Groves, Luc Binette, et al

Current MAPPINGS Version V 5.1.16 everything including the atmospheres. everything except the atmospheres.
The mappings code archive is being transferred to a new server location, new versions will be made available there and on the bitbucket server.

Optional Stellar/AGN Atmosphere Library

Download Stellar atmospheres (192.8MB). Compatible with 5.0.12 or newer including all v5.x.x. (Unzip to create the atmos directory and move the atmos directory into the lab area.)

f2c FORTRAN to ANSI C converter

Updated to work better with new systems with no prior f2c installation:
Download (1MB)

Miscellaneous Observational Tools

Go to the lines page : a standalone spectral line measuring tool.

Download (370kB) : a standalone de-reddening/reddening tool, included in the main zip files in misc/ as well.

Download (561kB) : a standalone spectral convolution tool, included in the main zip files in misc/ as well.

Previous Versions, MIV

MIV code wil continue to be accessible at the MIV Archive