The MAPPINGS IV Code Archive
An astrophysical plasma modelling code.

Science and Programming:
Ralph Sutherland, Mike Dopita, David Nicholls, Brent Groves, Luc Binette, et al

Final MIV Version - Changed to MV (in development) in 2015

Note, MAPPINGS V is now under development in 2015 and will be offcially released in later in the year, please consider MIV v4.2.8 as a provisional version until then. MAPPINGS IV contains significant updates from MAPPINGS III in almost every area, and MMAPPINGS III is now deprecated.

v4.2.8, October 29 2014

Download mappings_IV(428).zip (91.9MB), Everything including stellar/agn atmospheres.

Download MIV(428).zip (6.0MB), Everything except stellar/agn atmospheres.

Optional Stellar/AGN Atmosphere Library

Download MIV_atmos(428).zip (81MB) Stellar atmospheres. Compatible with 4.2.8+.
(Unzip to create the atmos directory and move the atmos directory into the lab area if needed. Includes AGN atmospheres.)

f2c FORTRAN to ANSI C conveter

Download (1MB)